IntelliFarms BinManager is state of the art technology designed to intelligently monitor the moisture content and temperature of stored grain in addition to the outside air. The system senses the optimal times to run drying fans and heaters to minimize loss. Innovative moisture cable technology allows for remote supervision of the equilibrium moisture content of the grain, eliminating the need to climb exteriors of the bin to probe the grain. This is all accessed using a secure online account so monitoring can be done from anywhere via a smart phone or tablet. BinManager will even send e-mail or text messages alerting the customer to potential problems.

AgSense’s remote telemetry units allow farmers to manage their operations from any location.  A cloud-based dashboard provides real-time data so users can control and monitor groups or specific pivots and pumps directly from the dashboard on their computers, smart phones and personal devices.

AquaSpy has produced the first multi-sensor probe that accurately separates moisture from conductivity.  The vector probe is a vertical 48” sensor that is simple and inexpensive to use.   One quadrature measurement circuit controls all 12 of the 4” measurement zones by measuring soil moisture, temperature and EC distinctly and separately.  The sensor is accurate and suitable for all soil types without any additional calibration.

Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation allows you to customize water application based on topography information, soil data maps, yield data and other user-defined information, applying water only where it needs to be.  Farmers can wirelessly upload their VRI Prescriptions to center pivots with Valley and AgSense® remote communication products allowing for quick changes as water application needs change in the field.  Water and chemical application efficiency is increased by reducing water run-off.