Remote Ag Management

Valley’s Precision Ag Technology allows you full control of your center pivot and pumps remotely. This technology is a game-changer whether you’re out in the field, at home in the evening, or on vacation with your family. Easily access information, make changes to your pumps or pivots, and supervise, all from your smartphone.

Valley 365, Connected Crop Management

  • AgSense technology gives you allows you to monitor pivots and pumps remotely
  • Make decisions in real-time from your home
  • Freedom to spend time with family or away from the farm
  • Text & email alerts come right to your smartphone
  • Stay updated on weather conditions
  • Maximize crop production

Aqua Trac, Soil Moisture Monitoring & Scheduling

  • Remotely track the condition of your soil
  • Monitor temperature & available water pressure
  • Accurately predict when and how much to water
  • Conserve water & prevent over-irrigating

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